Every voice matters...the homeless of Solano County need your voice speaking on their behalf.  With your purposeful voice educating our community regarding homeless issues, we will be able to help provide solutions, as well as shelter and most  important the hope that is needed to end the homeless cycle.  



There is no easier way to help the homeless in our community than to donate financially.  Your donation goes towards the expenses to provide shelter and hope.  Hope is built within our community here at Mission Solano and with our case management services our guests are connected to the best resources available in our county and surrounding areas. 



Our location has many needs each day.  When you volunteer with us, you become part of the physical team that is needed to accomplish the many tasks to run a shelter agency. 



By partnering with Mission Solano, you will join the movement to help solve the homeless issue in Solano County. A successful partnership can cultivate customer loyalty, energize your staff or organizations volunteers, or provide a common goal to your service club.  There are numerous benefits to your organization.  A partnership with Mission Solano not only benefits the shelter but your group as well.