Mission Solano, Inc. no longer manages the Emergency Shelter located at 310 Beck Ave. Fairfield, CA. The new operator for the Shelter facility is SHELTER Solano.

To learn more about SHELTER Solano please visit:




Shelter and Hope. 

Here at Mission Solano we believe HOPE is the key to individuals overcoming poverty and homelessness. Surrounding our guests with a safe and nurturing environment on a clean and sober campus allows for the Next Step process to begin.

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Our Services.

Mission Solano's Sheltering Program provides shelter, food, and case management at no cost to homeless Men, Women, and Children of Solano County. The individual based case management plans or ICP includes educational assistance, life & job skills training, and spiritual growth while providing on/off site access to community resources such as Legal Services, Recovery assistance, Housing, Health & Social Services, VA Benefits, and local Churches.



The ICP Program (Individual Case Plan) is designed to service each individual’s needs, no matter the circumstance. Our trained Case Managers will work regularly one-on-one with each guest to determine their Next Step. From the need of a driver’s license to a bed in a recovery program.



Where each guest comes to rest and recover after discharge from the hospital due to injury or illness. This is a safe clean environment where guests will receive focused care. 




Providing structured safe stable housing for people to integrate back into society after incarceration.  Our staff works in conjunction with Parole Depts., Probation, Day programs, etc.




Every person should have the opportunity to shower and eat. The Shower & Food program allows for just that. During the week, our local homeless have access to gender specific showers and meals.


Ways you can help.

Together, using time, talents and passion, we can help our Solano County homeless. There’s something for everyone—choose how you’ll get involved.



Every voice matters...the homeless of Solano County need your voice speaking on their behalf.  With your purposeful voice educating our community regarding homeless issues, we will be able to help provide solutions, as well as shelter and most  important the hope that is needed to end the homeless cycle.


Our location has many needs each day.  When you volunteer with us, you become part of the physical team that is needed to accomplish the many tasks to run a shelter agency.



There is no easier way to help the homeless in our community than to donate financially.  Your donation goes towards the expenses to provide shelter and hope.  Hope is built within our community here at Mission Solano and with our case management services our guests are connected to the best resources available in our county and surrounding areas.

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Social impact

Stories of Hope.


Johnee McKelvey was born in Berkeley to a Catholic family. His substance use started at the early age of ten years old, and continued throughout his whole life. Because he was able to start a family and buy a home, Johnee thought his addiction was under control.

Bridge to Life Center resident and head chef Linda left the darkness of drugs and homelessness and hopelessness behind, and has worked to become a beacon of hope and light. Listen as Linda shares about how food and shelter can bring life-change to those in need, and how she sees light restored in the hearts of many.
Sabrena was living in an abandoned concession stand with her husband and their four boys for two years. One day her youngest son was complaining that he was hungry, really hungry and she did not have anything for him to eat.

Partner Stories

Outreach 1st Quarter 2018.


Discover the Difference.


Check out some of our wonderful partners share THEIR reasons for partnering with Mission Solano.